More and more learners have some special needs and must develop some specific skills which are not completely fulfilled in General English courses.

Among the needs of business professionals, we can mention: meetings, negotiations, emails, presentations, phone calls, conference calls, business travels, communication with foreign headquarters and subsidiaries, comprehension of multiple accents, etc.

Keeping all this in mind, and being aware that more and more companies need their staff to become multi-lingual, GlobalExam has designed a Business English course online.

General Skills - Master the art of phone calls, meetings or e-mails to achieve your professional goals

Project Management

Working as a team and carrying out a project is a rewarding experience! To achieve your objectives in an international context, master all the stages of good project management, support your teams, and learn to manage complex and unusual situations.

Take-away points

- Contribute to a project and track its progress

- Organize a project and assign tasks to different people

- Pilot a project as a team


Drafting an email, reporting on a meeting, communicating information to a member of your team ... You can't escape writing! Learn to structure your ideas, choose the right medium, and deliver a clear written message.

Take-away points

- Write to make yourself understood

- Master the art of writing in English

- Learn to respect the formal or informal rules specific to each medium (email, articles, etc.)

Emails and Writing

Drafting an email, reporting on a meeting, communicating information to a member of your team ... You can't escape writing! Learn to structure your ideas, choose the right medium, and deliver a clear written message.

Take-away points

- Write to make yourself understood

- Master the art of writing in English

- Learn to respect the formal or informal rules specific to each medium (email, articles, etc.)


The telephone is a necessary tool for communicating with the parties interested in a project. Whether to launch a mission, organize a meeting, or review a situation... you will definitely need to take part in this exercise. Prepare yourself and master the rules of telephoning to be able to concentrate on your interlocutor's message on the day.

Take-away points

- Pick up the phone and make an appropriate call

- Organize a meeting and transcribe a conversation

- Handle a delicate situation over the phone

Reception & Events

Participating in business events to meet your clients, suppliers, or partners is an excellent opportunity to build long, healthy relationships! Have you already organized this type of event? Do you know how to welcome your visitors effectively?

Take-away points

- Welcome your visitors

- Organize a professional event

- Have informal exchanges during a business event

Business Trips

Meet your clients and suppliers to strengthen your professional relationships!

For an appointment with an important client, a seminar, or the signing of a contract, it’s common to organize trips abroad. To make sure your trip unfurls without a hitch, prepare to confront unusual situations with the appropriate vocabulary.

Take-away points

- Employ the appropriate vocabulary for your travels

- Meet your clients abroad for the first time

- Be comfortable exchanging in English with a group


Find the best employees by preparing your recruitments properly! Do you know what questions to ask the candidates during an interview and how to attain key information from your interlocutor? Do you know the right practices to integrate a new employee into your company?

Take-away points

- Prepare recruitment and write a job offer

- Conduct interviews and recruit the best profiles for your team

- Integrate the new arrivals

Intercultural Communication

Working with foreigners can be a real challenge! Besides the language, understanding cultural differences is essential for working efficiently, avoiding misunderstandings, and guaranteeing the success of a project or sale.

Take-away points

- Understanding the main cultural differences

- Managing an intercultural team

- Anticipating the behavior of your foreign interlocutors

Sales and Negotiation

To negotiate and conclude your sales successfully, you’ll need to be comfortable discussing your company and your products. Learn new expressions to convince your associates and never miss a beat.


- Ensure the success of your sales

- Master the art of negotiation

- Develop your professional network


English is the ultimate international language. To invite your clients to lunch, master the art of "small talk" to engage the conversation... and make an extra effort to negotiate with a supplier, work on a project with your colleagues abroad, and exchange with your partners. Familiarize yourself with the vocabulary specific to business English and learn to use it in a situation.

Take-away points

- Enrich your vocabulary to express yourself in confidence

- Express yourself orally with ease and make yourself understood

- Reformulate your ideas and return those of your interlocutor


Know how to use the new vocabulary correctly by revising essential grammar rules and conjugation.

Put yourself in real business situations to organize your thoughts and understand how to communicate with your interlocutors easily.

Take-away points

- Know the grammar rules to communicate effectively

- Revise the conjugation rules to be understood in all circumstances

- Structure your ideas and opinions

Industry skills - To access skills in English related to a particular industry and become a pro!

Banking & Finance

The world of Banking and Finance makes the world economy go round. But what are the pillars of this field? From retail banks to financial institutions, we will go over the main subjects that affect every aspect of our lives: from our cash currency to international aid.

Take-away points

- Learn intermediate and advanced banking vocabulary in English

- Explain how the financial markets work and how to communicate on trading floors

- Understand mergers and acquisitions, tender bids and loans

Building & construction

The construction world is a rich environment where mathematics, physics and physical labor come together to create structures ranging from small dwellings to skyscrapers. Its many aspects cover an infinite world of trades: electricity, plumbing, roofing, demolition...

Navigating this world in English will open new doors to an exciting world of creation and imagination.

Take-away points

- Learn the names of tools and material in English

- Asking and answering questions to relay important information or to understand clients

- Effectively communicating in delicate situations such as emergencies and hazardous conditions

IT & Cybersecurity

The IT sector is a rich environment that includes many areas: equipment, network infrastructure, data storage or project management. In recent years, cybersecurity has become a major challenge for both individuals and companies. Learning the English vocabulary of the IT world will help you evolve within this constantly changing sector.

Take-away points

- Learn the IT vocabulary related to equipment and infrastructures

- Effectively talk about an IT project

- Know how to communicate on the importance of cybersecurity

Healthcare & Medicine

The healthcare sector, which today includes more than 200 professions, must now face numerous challenges, particularly with the aging of the population and pandemics. The sector is now an international issue, strongly impacted by digital transformation. International healthcare systems must constantly evolve to continue to offer quality care. Mastering the English medical vocabulary will help you evolve within this constantly changing world.

Take-away points

- Master the medical vocabulary related to infrastructures and different specialties

- Know the basic vocabulary related to the human anatomy, bacteria or diseases

- Communicate effectively on research and development progress


Whether it is to create a new product, improve user experience or design videos and websites, designers must adapt to a client's needs and respect very precise specifications. But what are the main pillars of this sector, which has been strongly impacted by the digital transformation? In motion, graphic, or industrial design, mastering the technical vocabulary will help you evolve within this ever-changing world.

Take-away points

- Master the technical vocabulary related to the different Design professions

- Learn the key artistic concepts in English

- Learn to communicate effectively with the stakeholders of a project

Spa Management

Many believe that regular spa treatments can work wonders on someone's health and wellness. Whether it is a facial treatment, a massage or some time spent in a hammam, it has been proven that going to a spa can help you maintain mental, physical and emotional well-being. But, as a manager or employee, how do you ensure the best experience for your clients? From doing the inventory to explaining your methods and use of products, you'll become an expert in stress-relief and relaxation.

Take-away points

- Master the technical vocabulary related to the different techniques and treatments used in a spa

- Learn how to explain the benefits of any treatment or product to your clients

- Learn how to reassure your clients and offer them a peaceful and pleasing experience

Video Games

Today, the video game industry weighs more than the film and music industries combined. New consumer and leisure habits, the rise of the smartphone, technological innovation: these are all reasons for this meteoric growth. This fast-growing sector offers real career opportunities. This trend is reflected in schools and training courses for the video game industry, which are full of new talent eager to learn.

Take-away points

- Master the vocabulary of the video game industry

- Lead a video game creation project, from conception to production and distribution

- Communicate with ease about the culture and industry of video games

Real State

In a globalized world, speaking English has become an essential skill in many fields, including the real estate sector. Mastering the English language can provide a competitive advantage over competitors as it allows for the acquisition of international clients and the ability to attend to the demands of foreign clients.

The real estate sector is a highly competitive and demanding market. Therefore, it is necessary to have a competitive advantage to stand out in the market. One way to achieve this is through mastery of the English language. This allows for the acquisition of international clients, as English is the primary language in international business and, therefore, knowledge of this language allows access to a wide range of opportunities and resources in the international market.

Currently, more and more people are interested in investing in properties abroad. This is because prices are more affordable and the international real estate market is more dynamic than the domestic market. Therefore, if you speak English, you have a great opportunity to attract these international clients and close deals with them. Additionally, mastery of English also allows you to offer properties for sale to international clients, increasing the visibility of your offer and your chances of sale.

Another advantage of speaking English in the real estate sector is attending to the demands of international clients. By speaking English, you can effectively communicate with clients and offer them personalized service. This is especially important in the international real estate market, where clients may have specific needs and require personalized attention to make a purchase decision.

Furthermore, English is also important in internal communication with colleagues and coworkers, especially if you work in a multinational company or a diverse team. By having effective communication in English, you can work more efficiently and collaboratively with your coworkers, increasing productivity and the effectiveness of the company.

In conclusion, mastering English is a valuable skill that can increase your competitiveness and success in the real estate sector. It allows for the acquisition of international clients, offering properties for sale to international clients, and attending to the demands of foreign clients. Additionally, it improves internal communication with colleagues and coworkers, increasing the effectiveness and productivity of the company. Therefore, if you work in the real estate sector and do not yet speak English, it is recommended that you start studying it as soon as possible to take advantage of all the benefits this skill can offer in the international market.


The mastery of the English language has become an essential skill for those working in the restaurant and catering industry. In an increasingly globalized world, where international travel is becoming more common, it is important for personnel in these businesses to be able to communicate effectively with customers from all over the world.

The ability to speak English is not only important for restaurant professionals working in tourist establishments such as hotels and resorts, but also for those working in local restaurants. More and more tourists are visiting countries where English is not the primary language, and most of them prefer to communicate in English due to its widespread use throughout the world.

Therefore, mastery of English in the restaurant and catering industry is crucial for providing high-quality service to international customers. Customers who receive service in their own language feel more comfortable and appreciate the effort of professionals to communicate with them. This can be a determining factor in customers' decision-making when choosing an establishment in the future.

Moreover, English language proficiency can be an important competitive advantage over other businesses in the same category. If a restaurant is known to have staff with a good level of English, it is more likely that international customers will choose this place over others where this language skill is not offered. In fact, many customers consider English as a selection criterion when choosing a restaurant or bar when traveling abroad.

Additionally, speaking English opens up the possibility of capturing a wider clientele. Many international companies and organizations hold events in different parts of the world, such as congresses, meetings, conventions, and trade fairs. If a restaurant is able to communicate in English, it can attract these potential customers and offer them high-quality service in their own language. This can be beneficial for the business in the long term, as it can lead to the creation of strong business relationships with these companies and organizations.

Furthermore, English language proficiency can also be an advantage for those seeking employment in the restaurant and catering industry. Many companies in this sector require their employees to have a good level of English to interact with customers from all over the world. If a candidate has a good level of English, he or she may be more attractive to employers who are looking to hire staff who can cater to international customers.

In summary, mastery of English is an essential skill in the restaurant and catering industry. Professionals who speak English have a competitive advantage over their competitors, as they can attract international customers and offer them high-quality service in their own language. Additionally, speaking English can be beneficial for those seeking employment in this sector, as it can increase their chances of finding work in establishments that require this language skill.

Career skills - Become an expert in communication, HR or sales and get your dream job


Nurses provide an essential service to all patients, whether they work in a healthcare facility or in their own practice. For them, helping people on a daily basis is more than a job, it's a mission. Nurses have a huge impact on their patients.

How do you assess a patient's condition? How do you help them through their diagnosis and treatment?

Take-away points

- Master the technical vocabulary related to patient care

- Learn how to explain diagnoses and treatment to a patient or to their families

- Learn how to reassure your patients as they go through their treatments


Tourism and hospitality always go hand in hand! As a player, you must constantly reinvent yourself to cater to the needs of your clients and to grow along evolving trends like eco-tourism, themed vacations, etc.

Customer relations is, of course, at the heart of these sectors where you must pay attention to the needs of people. Whether you are a tour operator, restaurant worker, hotel worker or tour guide, you must master the current vocabulary and use your power of persuasion so your clients have a wonderful time.

Take-away points

- Advise and offer tourism products

- Welcome clients

- Host tourism activities

Customer Service

Customer relations play a key role in the development and success of a company.

Customer service is the common link between other services within a company: it relays information, helps improve products, and makes sales easier.

Guiding your client through the entire purchasing process, cater to needs and anticipate his needs. Provide the best experience possible to retain your clients!

Take-away points

- Communicate with ease both orally and by writing

- Anticipate, understand and reformulate needs

- Share information internally to develop the company


The manager supports his team and makes the connection with the company management.

His tasks are varied, and everything doesn’t go perfectly: prepare to conduct meetings, lead projects, make sure your co-workers fulfill their tasks and manage the unexpected in all circumstances.

Take-away points

- Communicate with ease, in writing and orally

- Manage a team and adapt to multicultural differences

- Conduct meetings and lead projects


The marketing department takes part to business strategy development and to the promotion of the company’s products or services.

You need to have a good understanding of the information you receive about your market or customer needs in order to relay it within the company.

Also work with the communication team to help them circulate clear messages to potential buyers.

Take-away points

- Communicate with ease, in writing and orally

- Reformulate and reproduce information

- Know both his company and offer and argue

Human Resources

In order to manage a team and talents, you need to master varied several skills and exchange with interlocutors with very different profiles. From recruitment to training, master the vocabulary related to your business and learn good practices of oral and written communication to understand, be understood and best meet the needs of your company. 

Take-away points

- Understand expectations and exchange with your co-workers

- Recruit and support teams

- Draft specific business documents


Communication is a cross-functional part essential to business development. You need to circulate a wide range of information in-house and make sure that messages sent to external stakeholders are clear and in line with the corporate image.

How to give a strong and consistent message to stand out and establish itself into its business sector?

Take-away points

- Give clear and consistent information

- Convey corporate image in every communication issued

- Draft clear business documents and organize events

Purchasing Department

The Purchasing department makes a company obtains the best prices to acquire all services and goods necessary. It negotiates timelines and compares offers to choose the best one in terms of price and quality based on the company’s needs.

To convince providers across the world and have the best deals, express your needs with ease, keep communication lines with your providers open, and use your power of persuasion!

Take-away points

- Communicate and explain what the company does and what it needs

- Master negotiating techniques to convince providers

- Define and track performance indicators


A good salesperson must not only know their company and their offer by heart, he or she must also master the art of negotiating to guarantee the success of their activity. Always in direct contact with your clients, you must understand their expectations, offer adapted solutions, and build a relationship based in trust.

Take-away points

- Identifying and contacting prospects

- Discovering a customer’s need and creating arguments to convince him

- Identifying and transforming upselling opportunities

Overall level - Whether you are a complete beginner or an expert, progress in all the skills with the study programme that suits you.

Assess my level

Take a quick test to assess your level. We will create a personalized study programme based on your results.

Take-away points

Test yourself to learn your level through a quick test. Work on targeted areas in order to progress in different business situations.


Strengthen your basics of English and improve your knowledge to deal with common situations in your professional life. You will begin to understand the specific vocabulary of business English to work in an international context.

Take-away point

- Exchange with an interlocutor in a familiar context

- Understand what is expected from you

- Simply rephrase the requests made to you


Master all the situations encountered in your professional life. You will become autonomous to work in English and collaborate with other English speakers.

Take-away points

- Express yourself clearly on common topics related to professional life

- Give details on your day-to-day work

- Assert your point of view with your interlocutors


Perfect your professional English and excel in every way. To speak in public, negotiate, write a presentation, … the language will no longer be an obstacle.

Take-away points

- Speak in a clear, fluent and structured way within a group

- Present a project from beginning to end

- Enrich vocabulary to express your point of view and all ideas you have in mind

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