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Training for Cambridge C1 Advanced

Training for Cambridge C1 Advanced

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The Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English (CAE or C1 Advanced) is an English test that assesses a person’s ability to understand and communicate in English, in a professional or academic environment. The C1 Advanced (formerly known as CAE) is recognized by more than 20,000 universities around the world but also by many internationally renowned employers and government organizations. When it is mentioned on a CV, it makes it possible to boost an application and obtain a place in a high school, university or international company, more easily. The CAE gives a score on the CEFR scale and certifies a C1 level in English (which corresponds to an experienced level). C1 Advanced is administered by the University of Cambridge and assesses the candidate's skills, both oral and written, through 4 consecutive and separate sections. It takes around 4 hours to complete the exam.

Do you want to benefit from a complete revision program for the CAE, accessible at any given time and from anywhere? Then our GlobalExam platform is made for you. GlobalExam is the first e-learning platform which is entirely dedicated to preparing for language exams such as TOEIC, BRIGHT Language, TOEFL, IELTS, DELF, C1 Advanced (CAE) and many more . It provides you with several revision tools, which are specific to each exam and divided into different modes

  • The Training mode: it includes standard exercises classified by section (oral expression, written expression, oral comprehension and written comprehension). For each exercise, a timer allows you to monitor your response time and the corrections are accessible with precise explanations
  • The Exam mode: this mode allows you to train in real exam conditions, with mock exams which are timed.

The platform also includes a “Statistics and corrections” section, allowing subscribers to follow their progress on a daily basis and therefore be able to identify their possible lacks, to progress faster.

GlobalExam also provides you with several revision sheets leaning on vocabulary and grammar to strengthen your skills.

With GlobalExam, you have all the tools you need to prepare for the CAE in an effective way, through just a few clicks.

What is it that you are buying?

A 12 months account to Global Exam platform, where you will be able to learn a language of your choice or/and prepare for an exam of a particular certification.

What you will receive

You will receive a email with further steps to create your 12 months account on Global Exam platform.

Buying more than one 12 months Global Exam account

If you buy more than one 12 months Global Exam access account, we will contact you via your email and we will ask you to provide us with the extra email addresses for additional accounts.

What's not included?

Certification fees of a particular exam. Feedback on speaking and writing exercises by real teacher. If you want to work with our teachers, please read about it here.

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