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Français Learning

Français Learning

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Are you wondering whether you should start learning French? Here are three good reasons to do so!

Reason #1: Expand your career options 

If you aspire to work in the field of international business or politics, French is extremely useful! Organizations like NATO, United Nations or the International Olympics Committee all use French as an official language. In addition, learning French may take you to a higher position in your current company or could allow you to get your dream job! Knowing a second language like French is indeed always useful to expand your skills and diversify your profile! 

Reason #2: Connect with people around the world 

A basic knowledge of French will significantly enhance your travelling experiences. You will indeed be able to connect with people you would have perhaps never been able to meet otherwise! With 75.9 million French speakers around the world, knowing the language will not only improve your experience when travelling in France, but also in countries like Canada, Switzerland, Morocco, Monaco, Tunisia…and many other places! 

Reason #3: Learn about a new culture 

Understanding French will make fashion, culinary arts, dance, theater and architecture more accessible! You will also be able to read classic works of French literature from authors such as Victor Hugo, Molière or Albert Camus in their original version!

GlobalExam is the first e-learning platform for languages! In addition to online courses, you will have access to a wide range of learning material through your online account. This will allow you to practice independently whenever you want. With our online platform, improve your French and work the skills of your choice!

On our online platform, you will have access to:

  • Academic practice material but also fun courses through which you will gain confidence and stay motivated 
  • Detailed corrections for each exercise allowing you to learn and continuously improve 
  • Revision sheets to improve your grammar and expand your vocabulary at any point in time

Unlike traditional classes, our online classes and online platform will allow you to learn at your own pace and according to your own schedule. So, what are you waiting for? Start learning French with GlobalExam and embark on your learning journey!

What is it that you are buying?

A 12 months account to Global Exam platform, where you will be able to learn a language of your choice or/and prepare for an exam of a particular certification.

What you will receive

You will receive a email with further steps to create your 12 months account on Global Exam platform.

Buying more than one 12 months Global Exam account

If you buy more than one 12 months Global Exam access account, we will contact you via your email and we will ask you to provide us with the extra email addresses for additional accounts.

What's not included?

Certification fees of a particular exam. Feedback on speaking and writing exercises by real teacher. If you want to work with our teachers, please read about it here.

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