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Training for Linguaskill Business

Training for Linguaskill Business

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Created in 1996, the Linguaskill, formerly known as Bulats (for Business Language Testing Services), is a “business” English test implemented and administered by the Cambridge University. Find out everything there is to know about this test, which is increasingly sought-after, abroad.

Linguaskill (ex Bulats) is a linguistic level assessment test in English, mainly focused on the business realm and takes place on computers. This test can be used for recruitment, certification for training but also for a personal challenge. Linguaskill (ex Bulats) is therefore, like TOEIC, which is used to assess the ability of candidates to communicate in English in a professional environment. It uses business English in an international context. The Linguaskill diploma is issued by the Cambridge English Language Assessment Institute.

This exam is recognized worldwide and used by many companies, universities and ivy league schools, to assess their new recruits in terms of their level of “business English”. It is a reliable and an objective tool to determine the language skills of candidates. Originally, this test existed in several languages but only the English version of Linguaskill carried on, after the 2017 reform.

Just like with all standardized exams, a preparation phase is required to pass the Linguaskill. The course of this test responds to specific patterns with which it is important to be familiar in advance. Score for Linguaskill (ex Bulats)is based on the CEFR, a document defining the international standard of language levels, recognized all around the globe.

Our GlobalExam training platform offers you several supports to get trained for the Linguaskill online. This unique training solution gives you access to several modules for a productive and complete training program:

  • A Training mode consists of corrected standard exercises
  • An exam mode allowing you to take timed mock tests in order to get trained in real exam conditions. For each exercise, a personalized and detailed correction is provided to you
  • Last but not least, GlobalExam also gives you access to your progress statistics so that you can follow the evolution of your level and identify your possible weaknesses, in order to progress faster

The preparation for Linguaskill online on GlobalExam does not stop there. In addition to the 60 hours of training that are at your disposal on our platform, you will find other course materials, which are useful for your revisions of business English. Our expert teachers have done their best to write several practical sheets addressing grammar and vocabulary issues but also "language functions" which will be tested during the exam. These revision sheets are available online at any given time and are a key element for your Linguaskill preparation.

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A 12 months account to Global Exam platform, where you will be able to learn a language of your choice or/and prepare for an exam of a particular certification.

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Certification fees of a particular exam. Feedback on speaking and writing exercises by real teacher. If you want to work with our teachers, please read about it here.

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