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Training for TOEIC Bridge

Training for TOEIC Bridge

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The TOEIC Bridge is a version of TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication) dedicated to the certifying beginner to intermediate levels. It is aimed at non-English speaking people who are just starting to learn English. This specific test was designed to assess candidates with a basic level of English. Like the classic TOEIC, it assesses English skills in a professional context.

The TOEIC Bridge mainly assesses the candidate’s ability to read and understand everyday English. Though it targets individuals with a relatively low level of English, it remains a reference in the world of English exams for the professional realm. This test will allow you to have a fair idea of your level but also to look into possible areas where you can improve and progress.

The TOEIC Bridge is a standard language exam which is highly coded. It is regulated by specific instructions and standard exercises with a particular function. To get the best possible score at the TOEIC Bridge, it is important to get to know the structure and instructions of the test in advance, in order to get familiarized with its specific rules.

Therefore, a good preparation at the TOEIC Bridge not only includes purely grammatical, syntactic and lexical revisions, but also finding out how the test takes place. To do so, you can train yourself through standard exercises, in keeping with those of the TOEIC Bridge, but also mock subjects which will allow you to learn to manage your time by training in real exam conditions. Finishing mock exams on time is important for your preparation because it will allow you to get familiarized with the structure of the test entirely and this shall certainly avoid unpleasant surprises on the day of the exam.

At GlobalExam, we are proud to have developed an effective and complete TOEIC Bridge preparation solution. To provide you with the best possible online training, we offer you a smart combination of standard exercises of the test with their detailed corrections and mock exams. These fully comply with the initial test and possess all the exercises which are given in the TOEIC Bridge. Due to the mock exams present on our platform, the future candidate for the TOEIC Bridge can prepare for the test in real conditions, in the set time, like on the D-Day.
The different standard exercises allow the candidate to get familiarized with the instructions, to assess his level and identify his weak points, to be able to improve these by working on particular exercises.
On the GlobalExam training platform, we also help learners with precise progress monitoring. The “Statistics and Corrections” section gives you access to your day-to-day progress evolution, not to mention it allows you to follow and analyze your evolution over time, so that you can achieve your score goal in the long run..

Our team of certified teachers, who have created the exercises on our training platform, have also written several online English courses. On the GlobalExam blog, you can find a rich set of grammar and vocabulary concerning the key concepts, on how to succeed at the TOEIC Bridge. Last but not least, our GlobalExam blog also has many articles dealing with practical information related to passing the TOEIC Bridge (registration procedures, understanding your score, etc.).

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